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24 November, 2004

Promote literacy for free

For personal reasons it wouldn't be fair to publicise, I already support The Breast Cancer Site, even though it's USA-specific.  I noticed today that there's an associated scheme, The Literacy Site, which helps to distribute books to children (the site is experiencing server flaws today, so I don't know where the books go).  Just click to send books; visitors aren't asked for direct donations.
[Update 2/12/04: Link removed; see why.]

There are a number of charities I don't support*, but literacy is an issue I personally value, and which can often be overlooked in favour of more fundamental concerns such as food and water.

*: I feel it more appropriate to give a meaningful amount to a small number of charities I particularly support, than to give pennies to a wide range of causes, having a negligible impact on any.
Hence, I actively support certain medical charities, but will almost always decline to give to charities focusing on children, animal welfare or the homeless. Unlike the categories mentioned below, I don't oppose these causes, but I do feel one has to prioritise, according to one's own conscience and concerns.

I don't support charities addressing concerns which I feel should be addressed by the state.

I never support charities with religious affiliations e.g Cafod, Salvation Army.

I don't support the objectives, and certainly not the methods, of environmental pressure groups such as Greenpeace or Friends Of The Earth.

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