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23 November, 2004

Tech-support generation

Though referring to the US-only Thanksgiving holiday, Newsweek is quite right in its observation that a central aspect of the modern family holiday is the repair and reconfiguration of parents' computers by their adult children* during our annual visit to the family home.  We, the 20-30somethings, are the tech-support generation.

I know I'll be installing key software on my mother's PC in December, and reminding my sister to bring her laptop when she visits, so I can do hers, too.

In case anyone's interested, I'll be installing Firefox, Zonealarm, AVG AntiVirus (free edition), and AdAware. Any others you'd recommend? Please don't say Linux ;)
Two I won't be installing, contrary to suggestions at Slashdot, are Google Desktop Search and WinXP SP2.
No doubt there'll be some to uninstall, particularly from K's new laptop; AIM will be a priority.

*: That's slightly unfair - technical ability isn't necessarily an age-dependent attribute. My sister is 30 in January, and though she's a fully-qualified orthopedic surgeon, she bought her first ever computer only a few months ago.


Yep, every trip to my parents' house usually involves fixing my Dad's sick PC!

Posted by Cyberesque at November 25, 2004 07:29 PM
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