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29 December, 2004

Meme of many layers

This meme, seen at Neil's World, has been awaiting a response for over a month.
As always, requests for further details are welcomed.

Name: NRT.
Birthdate: Ever heard of online security or ID theft?
Birthplace: UK.
Current Location: Northop Hall, a village 4 miles north-east of Mold (Sir Fflint, Cymru (Wales), UK) and 7 miles east of Chester (Cheshire, England, UK), UK.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Height: Over 6'.
Righty or Lefty: Mostly left.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (sun, moon & ascendant).

Your heritage: Not English.
The shoes you wore today: Size 10 shiny German para boots, as always.
Your weakness: Insomnia and the resulting lethargy compound limited time-management ability, so I don't achieve as much with my days as I'd like, so I remain mentally active until late, so I can't sleep.
Your fears: Death. Alzheimers.
Your perfect pizza: The last time I ate a pizza was at least 18 months ago. Just for the sake of argument, I'll say ham & pineapple.
Goal you’d like to achieve: I can't think of anything in particular, and I'm trying to avoid trite responses.

Your most overused phrase on AIM: It would be "How the **** did I get here?", since I have no interest in instant messaging. Extending the question to general conversation, I overuse "Excellent". It even annoys me.
Your first waking thoughts: Firstly: is it a work day? Secondly (whether it is or isn't), I plan the day, half-knowing the plan is unlikely to survive more than an hour.
Your best physical feature: Not for me to say, really! I keep my legs fairly fit.
Your most missed memory: I can't avoid pedantry here: if I've lost a memory, how can I miss it? If that isn't what's meant, I'm afraid I don't understand the question.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke. No question.
McDonald’s or Burger King: Ugh. Neither. If I absolutely had to, Burger King.
Single or group dates: Single.
Adidas or Nike: I couldn't care less. They don't make para boots.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Never tried the former, nor heard of the latter.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate, if we're talking about ice cream. Otherwise, I don't object to vanilla, though it's not my preference.
Cappuccino or coffee: Tea, please.

Smoke: No.
Cuss: Depends who I'm with. On the whole, no.
Sing: Only in private, badly.
Take a shower every day: Not always.
Do you think you’ve been in love: Yes.
Want to go to college: 1: University, not ****ing 'college'. 2: Twenty-four years of full-time education, ten of which were at University, were enough.
Liked high school: Not particularly.
Want to get married: Emphatically not. Why seek the approval of society?
Believe in yourself: That varies.
Get motion sickness: Only in cars/buses, only if I read or on particularly winding roads.
Think you’re attractive: No.
Think you’re a health freak: I swim 1.25 km, three times each week, and cycle 11.25 km per day to and from work, plus an extra ~48km at the weekend if the weather is suitable for photography. Beyond that, no.
Get along with your parent(s): Er, basically.
Like thunderstorms: Very much so.
Play an instrument: No, I love music, but as a listener.

In the past month…
Drunk alcohol: Yes.
Smoked: No.
Done a drug: Caffeine.
Made out: Not entirely sure of the definition, but whatever it means, not within the last month.
Gone on a date: If those in long-term relationships can be said to 'date'... no, that was more than a month ago.
Gone to the mall: N.American youth culture is alien to me. I've been shopping, yes.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: A box of what?
Eaten sushi: Strictly speaking, no, but pickled herrings and cockles are almost sushi.
Been on stage: No.
Been dumped: No!
Gone skating: No, but we did watch the skaters at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, two months ago.
Made homemade cookies: A little more than a month ago, and I was aiming for rock buns.
Dyed your hair: No.
Stolen anything: No.

Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes. Mine, too.
If so, was it mixed company: To clarify that: yes, in the presence of a person of the opposite gender, but no, not in a group of people.
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Er... once or twice!
Been caught 'doing something': I don't understand the question.
Been called a tease: As a joke, yes. It's not a general trait.
Been beaten up: When I was eighteen my lip was split in a fight and required stitches, but otherwise, no.
Shoplifted: When I was very young, the local hardware shop provided rows of drawers containing loose nails, screws, nuts, etc., from which customers served themselves. On one occasion I accompanied my father to the shop, and I served myself. My father was mortified to find me sitting in the garden later, sorting a little bag of nails into neat piles. It's not as if I understood what I was doing.
Changed who you were to fit in: Everyone does to some extent, but on the whole, I've probably done that less than most. I know I don't fit in, anyway!

Age you hope to be married: Not applicable. The only difference between a long-term partner and a wife is social approval, about which I don't give a ****.
Numbers and names of children: Not applicable. I don't want children.
Describe your dream wedding: I said no wedding!
How do you want to die: Ideally: not at all. More realistically: fit and mentally alert, at a very great age.
Where you want to go to college: The 'layer eight' questions rather overlap earlier ones, don't they? Again: here in the UK, a college is a lesser institution than a university; having spent the entire 1990s as a student at the latter, and now working in one, I'd hardly be likely to become a student of the former.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I've made it past thirty without 'growing up'; the concept doesn't really grab me. I have no particular aspirations to a specific career path, if that's what you mean.
What country would you most like to visit: Iceland.

Number of drugs taken illegally: Four.
Number of people I could trust with my life: Discounting the obvious answer, that I implicitly trust the driver of any vehicle in which I travel, I'm not sure. There are a number of people whose intention I'd trust, but I might doubt their ability to influence a situation e.g. whether a sleight person could lift my weight.
Number of CDs that I own: Easily 1,000.
Number of piercings: None. There's probably something deeply Freudian in the fact I couldn't conceive of having even an ear pierced. I do like some other people's piercings, though; there is something sexy about multiple piercings in the same ear.
Number of tattoos: None. I dislike their permanence.
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: It's in single figures, but probably approaching ten. Winning awards for sculpting/painting brought low-level renown amongst a small subset of the population, so I've also appeared in specialist magazines more frequently.
Number of scars on my body: Lots. I heal rapidly, but scar easily. About five are reasonably prominent.
Number of things in my past that I regret: 'A few', but not 'a lot'.

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