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1 December, 2004

Rating criteria

I'm still finding BlogExplosion worthwhile, but one feature I haven't used much is the blog rating facility.
I don't think it's fair to judge an entire website from a mere 2-3 minutes experience of someone's most recent writing.  Anyone could be going through an anomalously bad patch, or an atypically good one.  If I encounter the same blog a few times, I might be tempted to vote.

The major exception is advertising. BlogExplosion does permit the inclusion of sites related to blogging: "... hosting, templates, resource sites, search engines, software etc." - but I don't. Such adverts are rewarded by an immediate minimum rating, and if they seem to be in frequent rotation, addition to my 'do not view' list. This includes a product review 'blog' which offers links to a recommended retailer of the products... surprise, surprise, that's elsewhere on the same site. Cheeky.

BlogExplosion's moderators seem to have a narrower definition of 'hate blog' than I do, as there seem to be quite a few. In the same spirit as exhibited by their authors, I regard such sites with intolerance. I doubt they'd appreciate the irony.
It's fine to express strong opinions, but unacceptable to deny others the right to think differently, and to rubbish (in grotesquely homophobic and/or xenophobic terms) the characters of people who hold such contradictory opinions, rather than rationally addressing their words. Hopefully the polarisation will decline as concerns move on from the US elections.

Perhaps surprisingly for someone who works as a graphic/web designer, I give priority to the quality of writing, with presentation being slightly secondary. I will say it's rather disappointing that a majority seem to venture no further than the template library of their hosting provider or software package. Bor-ring.

That leads to a related point: of those sites demonstrating a little more effort, I give credit to superior original material. I visited a particularly elegant site today, but realised that the design would be rather nondescript if it wasn't for an illustration in the sidebar, by Rion Vernon, not the site owner. I'd be a little surprised if permission had been sought and granted. Referencing someone else's work is fine, but not making it the focus of the page layout.

I won't even mention reciprocal rating....

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