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19 November, 2004

Just browsing

One of the best things about BlogExplosion (yes, I'm warming to it, after my initial doubts) is that I'm discovering topics and opinions which interest me, though I've never really considered writing about them here.  Maybe I will, in some cases, but I'm rather enjoying posting comments at other blogs, too.

An unexpected consequence has been that that people have expressed surprise that my own blog isn't directly relevant to the topics I comment on elsewhere. I don't see a contradiction - I have numerous interests, and don't regard it as entirely healthy to be an obsessive expert on only a very narrow range of topics. I also find it relatively easy to take inspiration from small aspects of other people's postings and make brief comments which mightn't warrant development into full entries here.
In the last 24 hours or so, I've dropped into conversations about tap water vs. bottled water, suspenders (the UK definition, not US), favourite words which ought to exist, sexual stereotyping of the under 8s, tact vs. honesty, why people rarely comment on link-only blogs, BlogExplosion itself, and probably a couple of others I don't even remember.

Conversely, if anyone would like me to elaborate on anything I have touched on in earlier entries here, you only need to ask!

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