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18 November, 2004

No cigar

In wet weather, the cycle path between Bailrigg Lane and the University floods.  A puddle about 2m (6½') long and 3-5cm (1-2") deep forms across the full width of the path, and a little further on, another puddle some 6m (20') long submerged the entire path and adjacent grass to a depth of 10cm (4").  It's not a problem for cyclists, except when the smaller one, on a sharp corner, freezes in winter, but it's awkward for pedestrians.  I noticed that Estates workers dug up the verge a few weeks ago, presumably to install drainage.

Until it stopped this evening*, we've received quite a lot of rain over the last couple of days; not heavy, but steady. I thought at the time that artificial drainage would be pointless in such circumstances, as the flooding is a result of the subsurface water table rising higher than the ground surface, not rainwater being unable to flow away sufficiently quickly. However, I admit I was mistaken: the drainage work seems to have had an effect. Instead of two puddles, there's only one - at least 20m (65½') long and 20cm (8") at its deepest (i.e. the water is 10cm higher overall), well above ankle level.

The only alternative pedestrian route adds about a mile (1.6km) to the trip.

*: Yes, the rain stopped. I've just cycled home in the first snow of the year.

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