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21 November, 2004

How long has that been there?

A chance comment in a posting (on a different subject) at Neil's World suddenly made me aware that Google has a built in calculator, and more usefully, a units converter.  Type '2 pints in litres' into the search box just like any other enquiry, and the result will be provided (rather than web pages containing that search term, as I'd half expected!).
Slight warning: the non-metric units seem to be the US ones, which aren't all the same as the UK versions.  Take care!

No doubt it's been available a while, and I simply haven't noticed, but others might have missed it too, so I thought I'd mention it here.  I'll probably use it at work or from computers other than my own, but I have the excellent Calc98 on my home PC, and recommend it to others.

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