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17 November, 2004


Hey, what happened?
Yesterday BlogExplosion served 35 banner impressions for every credit allocated to that form of promotion.  Now it's only 30 impressions!

[Update 21/11/04:  Only 25 now....]

[30/11/04: 23....]
[01/12/04: 20....]
[01/12/04: 22...?]
[02/12/04: 23....]
[03/12/04: 25....]
[06/12/04: 28. I presumed click ratios were worsening as BE's membership/traffic increased i.e. the same total number of banner impressions spread thinner, amongst more people. If that's correct, the reversed trend doesn't look good for BE. Are people leaving?]
[28/01/05: 18. I haven't been keeping count recently, but it's been at this level for at least a fortnight.]
[30/05/05: 25. Unhealthy?]

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