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10 November, 2004


It looks like Lycos Tripod web hosting is in decline, at least in the UK.  I've just received an e-mail from them, congratulating me on the fact that my long-abandoned first ever website (no link - it's a little embarrassing!) received 97 page impressions within the last 30 days, making it one of the most popular of the Tripod community in the UK.

Ah.  97 page impressions per month.  Isn't that sweet?  At the time of writing, the current incarnation of the Ministry receives more than that every two hours, on average.

Maybe Lycos is targeting the Tripod service at entry-level web authors who don't expect many visitors, but if 97 hits is considered noteworthy, it rather suggests Tripod is not the place for anyone wanting to be seen!


I'm about to lose my Lycos account as I didn't use it as a website, ie. no hits at all in the last month. Ive probably never received any hits ever as I never built a webpage. :-). I was just using it to host pictures that I sometimes included in my blog.

Posted by coffdrop at November 10, 2004 01:33 PM
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