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6 November, 2004

Traffic blip

While I was away last weekend, the blog was quite badly spammed.  Only one domain name evaded MT-Blacklist, but there were 500+ instances.  A nuisance, but at least it gave a little insight into Google response times.

  • The flood attack occurred some time on 30 Oct; I didn't note the time.
  • My visitor logs show an atypical increase in traffic on 2 Nov., so it seems obvious Google had indexed the site and large numbers of people were er, 'researching' a wide variety of sexual fetishes.
  • I returned on 3 Nov. and removed all the spam comments by about 14:00.
  • From periodic checks of my referrer logs, I'm fairly sure the last erroneous visitor left disappointed by about midday on 5 Nov.
So that's 24-48 hours for new search terms to appear on Google, and about the same again for absent references to vanish from the search database.

Incidentally, after the clean-up, I received two aggrieved e-mails from people complaining that there were too few (i.e. none) stories about, well, practices distinctly illegal in the UK. It ought to be instantly obvious that the blog does not - and will not - provide such material, so accusations of false advertising (as if I'd posted the comment spam myself!) are treated with the contempt they deserve.
Actually, I have the e-mail and IP addresses of potentially dodgy people now. I wonder what I can do with them....

No, I don't have a problem with sexual fantasies (so long as the extreme ones are never acted upon) or fetishes; everyone has them to some extent, and careful readers might even catch a few vague allusions in this blog, but that's all you're getting. Anyone looking for 'exotic' material (and some search terms were truly bizarre) needn't bother.


Heh. I feel your pain. I had an open-post policy on my forum for nearly a year -- right up until a the blackhat SEOs caught on and started spamming my message board with sexy russian wife links. Now nobody posts anymore. I hate spammers. A pox on them all.

- Eric

Posted by dilvie at December 14, 2004 11:58 AM
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