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28 October, 2004

Goth is not just for Hallowe'en

I see from my referrer logs that a previous entry, 'Why do goths wear stripey socks?' is receiving a lot of hits at present, mostly via Google searchs for 'goth wear' or similar.

I'm presuming this is because non-goths are looking for Hallowe'en costumes.  It's kind of patronising, in a way.  For many people, goth is a way of life (an overstatement in my case), not merely an excuse to wear PVC once a year (not that it needs excusing, but that's a different matter).

As it happens, I could write about corset shopping in Manchester (not as the primary participant...), but I don't anticipate doing so, so move along, please. Nothing to see here. ;)

Since I'm unlikely to have internet access on Sunday and Monday, I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone an enjoyable Samhain and happy new Celtic year.

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