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28 October, 2004

Marillion at no.2

With Marillion's 'The Damage' at no.2 in the new UK official downloads chart last week, the Guardian gives them a little coverage today, including a (old) photo and prominent story on the Guardian Online home page (not archived; no point linking).  The article includes BBC Radio 1's 'explanation' for their refusal to play the no.2 download single ("we don't have to") and a recap on Marillion's pioneering role in internet-based self-promotion independent of major label record companies, and concludes with predictable speculation on the future of singles charts.

Incidentally, the chart position was achieved without my assistance - I don't do downloads and felt no inclination to make an exception for something I'll be buying 'for real' anyway within a couple of months. The 'Marbles On The Road' DVD, recorded during the 'Marbles' tour was released a couple of days ago, featuring this same rendition of 'The Damage' - why would I need two copies of exactly the same thing?
Hence, I thought the download was poor value, and unlike the regretably uncritical hardcore of Marillion fans, I'm not prepared to support a band merely for the sake of offering unthinking support. My willingness to buy a new release has to be won afresh each time, on the merits of that release, never empty loyalty.

The single didn't satisfy that requirement, but I'd still recommend people buy 'Marbles On The Road' from Racket Records (i.e. the band) because they're exclusively offering a 2-disc version which won't be available from Amazon, high street stores, etc.

To modify John F. Kennedy's slogan, "Ask not what you can do for 'your' band; ask what's in it for you."

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