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25 October, 2004

Sunny thoughts

Clair, guest blogging at Bacon, Cheese and Oatcakes:

Have you ever noticed that when you're reflecting back on days gone by, there always seem to be more sunny days than rainy ones? The memories that are most easily recalled, those that float to the surface of the pond that is your brain, are often the happy ones.
Um.  No.  Sorry.

Maybe it's because I used to be a geomorphologist, specifically studying hillslope erosion and sediment transport by rainfall and hence streams - no rain, no work, so the sunny days were the less interesting ones.

Maybe it's because I cycle daily, and being soaked to the skin has a greater impact on the memory than being lightly toasted by sunlight.

Maybe it's because I dislike bright light, so a majority of sunny days tend to be spent indoors with the curtains closed.

Or maybe it's just the way my mind works.

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