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21 October, 2004

Function over form

Jef Raskin, a creator of the Apple Mac and inventor of the click-and-drag interface, is interviewed in today's Guardian.  He makes a point with which I fully agree (with one exception, noted in the quote) and have mentioned before:

Raskin: But the [Mac] interface needs fixing. One only cares about getting something done. Apple has forgotten this key concept. The beautiful packaging [his opinion, not mine - NRT] is ho-hum and insignificant in the long run.

Guardian: It seems the culmination of your work would be a computer invisible to the user; operating systems would disappear and applications would take on functionality as required.

Raskin: Or a computer interface that, while not invisible, would not require conscious attention.

Yes! I want a computer which seamlessly integrates into my lifestyle and working patterns unobtrusively. I definitely don't want a "gorgeous" (as the iPod was described to me) conversation piece. Until the 'invisible' computer arrives, I'll still be sticking with my beige box.


You might like reading some of the Insider stories of the original Mac design team, back ~1980-84:

Jef Raskin
Legend 1
Legend 2

a pre-Mac GUI idea

Posted by Saltation at October 25, 2004 06:21 PM
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