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21 October, 2004

Neal Stephenson speaks

Just a pointer to an interview at Slashdot of one of my favourite authors, Neal Stephenson.

Reading the first page of his 'Snow Crash' was a minor orgasmic experience (see the fourth paragraph here).  I've just discovered his latest paperback, 'Quicksilver' (not latest book; the sequel, 'The Confusion', has been out in hardback since April and the closing volume of the Baroque Cycle, 'The System of the World' is just out in hardback) was released a fortnight ago, so I'm off to Amazon!

It's an long and wide-ranging article. I may return to examine individual topics, time permitting (each question and answer would fuel a blog entry of its own, particularly his discussion of 'popular' vs. 'literary' authors), but for now, please read it.


I'm 50 pages into The System of the World and loving every word of it. I've pretty much spent the past year reading the Baroque Cycle and am a little nervous about finding anything that will compare with this opus. This series of books has had an odd effect on my reading pattern - as soon as there were less pages to read, than had been read I started slowing down, only reading a few pages a day because I wanted to make the experience last as long as possible.

I really hope he finishes off the "Cryptonomicon Cycle" with the trilogy set a hundred years in the future - an idea he mentioned in an interview he did while promoting Cryptonomicon.

Posted by Howard van Rooijen at October 21, 2004 01:45 PM

Yes, I read 'Cryptonomicon' in much the same way - I didn't want it to end, and felt there was more mileage in the characters and plot. I'd love to read a continuation.

Though I suspect his writing and interests have moved on since it was published in 1998, I'd also love to see a continuation of 'The Diamond Age'.

Posted by NRT at October 21, 2004 02:02 PM
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