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10 October, 2004

What's in the box?

anonymous mobile phone packagingI've deliberately obscured the company logo at the lower right of the box top, but apart from one word in that tiny blue rectangle, there's nothing whatsoever on the top or sides of the box to give any clue about the nature of the contents.  The product doesn't appear in the illustration, which bears no relevance to the contents.

Turn the box upside down, and it's revealed: a Nokia 1100 mobile phone.  So why hide it?  This seems to be rather poor, or at least odd, marketing.

It's interesting that when I pointed this out to my work colleague (and friend!) Laura, she identified the type of product immediately - the packaging seems typical of phone manufacturers.  Perhaps this isn't such odd marketing for a potential customers already familar with the conventions of the market sector

Yes, I've finally bought my first mobile phone.  More on that in a later entry.


Unlike many other products, a mobile phone is not something most people buy, or even identify, based on the packaging. I would guess that you went into a store, looked at display models, chose one, and then were sold a box containing the chosen phone. Therefore, having a picture of the phone on the packaging would irrelevant. I'd be willing to bet the images tie in to an advertising campaign by either the manufacturer of the phone or the cellular service provider. The packaging would be there to reinforce their brand image.

Posted by Jon. Waller at October 11, 2004 10:20 PM

Actually all Nokia boxes have had funky lifestyle images on them at least since I got my first (1998/99) of many Nokias. Usually they've included smiling members of the target audience (businessmen, "trendsetters", etc) and if I recall correctly, not all have had phones on them (I've only owned the 5110, 6110i, 8210 (best ever Nokia), and 7250i)...

I think one of the reasons is as Jon refers to in the previous comment: noone buys a phone based on the packaging, so it's more a brand building thing...

Posted by andersja at October 15, 2004 05:22 PM
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