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2 October, 2004

Spam slicing

Even with the wonderful MT-Blacklist implemented, comments spam is getting out of hand - my activity log shows that MT-Blacklist blocked 56 comments within the last 15 minutes, and three more got through.  In fact, I just cleared the activity log, wrote that last sentence and looked again, to see 19 fresh comments denials.

At some point, I'll need to upgrade the blog from MT2.661 to MT3.1, adopting the associated improvements to comments management, but I have doubts about whether my extremely basic (but extremely cheap) web host offers the necessary level of cgi/PHP access, and I simply don't have time to struggle with coding at present.

In the mean time, the anniversary is probably a good milestone at which to adopt a new policy: commenting will be turned off for any posting more than two calendar months old. This reduces the absolute number of opportunities for spammers.
Comments on those 'old' entries are still very welcome (so long as they don't include Aviv Geffen lyrics, as one ****wit keeps trying to post); just send them via the Ministry's 'Contact Us' page.


No-one's ever comment spammed me. I feel strangely unloved.

Posted by Ian at October 4, 2004 04:46 PM
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