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12 September, 2004

Abortive trip to Morecambe

According to the local papers, a reenactment of the D-Day landings was scheduled for this weekend, with Morecambe beach representing Normandy.  Though the weather was rather windy and threatened rain, I decided to have a look.
I took a few photos along the cycle path to Morecambe, but when I arrived, I couldn't find a hint of anything related to the 1940s.  There were more people around than I'd expect on a blustery Sunday, but there seemed to be no focus to the crowd, so after wandering along the promenade as far as Bare (part of Morecambe - I don't know the source of the name) and back via depressing council estates (it was too windy to return along the prom, against the wind), I, er, went home.

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