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1 October, 2004

Happy birthday, blog!

The Ministry blog is a year old today.

I've enjoyed the first year, on the whole. Glancing back, je ne regret, er, much; most entries still stand up as okay.
I thought my written style might loosen up, but it's just as convoluted as always! I can certainly tell when I wasn't sleeping well, both in the topics I chose to mention, and the tone in which I did so. Still, I don't think there are many cases when I should have slept on an entry before posting, though there are a few for which I did exactly that!

Once or twice, it's been a little more time-consuming than I've really been comfortable with; the blog is supposed to be a commentary on daily life, not a central focus, but the effort to articulate thoughts and opinions has been interesting, rewarding and probably even healthy.

I'm surprised that I've developed the habit of posting every day so easily, though I have to confess to occasionally hold back a non-time-sensitive entry if I've already posted that day, to cover days when I don't have time to write. Conversely, it takes me a while to process photos, so I have been known to post those entries retrospectively. I have a photo backlog extending as far as cycle rides in May, so there'll be more such belated postings with 'faked' dates.

If anyone has views, let me have 'em! More personal stuff? More photos? Less? Any past posts I should expand on? Are the music reviews any use?

This is the 540th posting, and the 367th day, so that averages three postings every two days. There have been 154 comments, not counting the 500+ deleted for advertising online gambling, pharmaceuticals, Aviv Geffen, etc. A raw average doesn't mean much, but it works out at two comments for every seven entries.

It's difficult to quantify the effect of the blog on overall traffic; the Jethro Tull Tour History and Annotated Passion Play were already fairly successful departments, but in a period of decline for Jethro Tull and particularly Tull-related websites, Ministry traffic increased drastically. September 2004 saw 9,900 visitors (~310 per day) and 27,000 page impressions (~880/day). A year ago, about 6,000 visitors viewed ~20,000 pages. Glancing at a blog entry from 9 October, 2003, I see that the Ministry received its 100,000th visitor on 8 October; at the time of writing, that's almost doubled, to 192,734. Page views went from 352,421 then to 637,060 today.

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