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22 September, 2004

Blizg is weird

With a mere six positive, two negative and one 'remove' vote (that's only for dead links, you idiot!), the blog somehow rose to no.8 of 8,618 in the Blizg index.  That's flattering, but not especially meaningful.  Hence, I wasn't upset to notice that an additional negative vote at the weekend caused the rank to plummet to something like no.52.
I've just looked again, and have dropped off the top hundred ranking altogether.  Votes only last three months, so one of the positives must have expired.  It's an odd ranking technique, but I suppose it prevents a minority of sites from continuously accumulating points and becoming permanent fixtures, and unfair negative votes aren't permanently damaging, either.

Needless to say, I wouldn't spurn positive votes ;) but I'm not exactly going to become paranoid about my position in such a volatile ranking. Perhaps it would be more relable if more people voted for (or against) more sites, reducing the impact of individual votes in a larger sample of true consensus.

As Blizg says:

If a blog is ranked higher, it doesn't mean it's 'better'... it just means more people voted it up. Please do not correlate Blizg rankings with worth. The two are not related. Besides, voting is just one aspect of Blizg. Using metadata to find blog relationships should be the real focus of this site.

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