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10 September, 2004

Blackfield T-shirts

Special T-shirts have been made for tonight's Blackfield show in London, featuring the album cover artwork on a sewn patch stitched onto a plain black shirt.  Last night, Steven Wilson HQ announced that a few are also available to buy by mail order.  See that site for ordering details (it's PayPal only).

I'm never quite sure whether it's worthwhile to repost such news.  Firstly the number of readers who might be interested is regretably small, and secondly those who would be interested probably visit SW HQ anyway.  Any thoughts?

[Update 14/09/04: My T-shirt arrived today. The album cover image presumably prints better onto a white T-shirt, as that's what was done, then the square of white material was stitched onto a black shirt. 'Patch' implies finished edges, but they're not, and I suspect they're going to fray. That's okay as some sort of artistic statement, but not ideal for the longevity of the shirt!]


Just wanted to point out that there is a track off the Blackfield album on CD available with this months issue of Classic Rock for anybody that wants to check it out.

Posted by danbee at September 12, 2004 09:04 PM

Yes, 'Open Mind' is on 'Out There: The Future Of Prog Rock', the CD provided free with UK copies of October's Classic Rock magazine.

I'll be reviewing that disc when I get an opportunity over the next couple of days; some tracks are pretty good, but others are truly dire!

[Update: The review's here.]

Posted by NRT at September 12, 2004 11:30 PM
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