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6 September, 2004

Don't even think about parking

The BBC reports that a Swedish man, Krister Nylander, has been issued with a 90 fine for illegally parking in Warwick, UK for three hours on 22 June.  All the information on the ticket is correct, including the make of the vehicle and the licence plate number.

However, the vehicle is Mr. Nylander's snowmobile, which has not left his farm in Bollstabruk, 205 miles (342 km) north of Stockholm.  Mr. Nylander has never visited Warwick, in any vehicle.

I'll let you read for yourself about the Manchester traffic warden who gave a parking ticket to a rabbit last year.

Incidentally, in case these freak instances give the wrong impression: ordinarily I support parking fines, and in the rabbit incident, I do think the owner deserved prosecution. If anyone doesn't want a ticket, don't park illegally. No, not even for a moment or to unload - no parking means none. None means none.

Something else in the Warwick article was new to me: that there is a company which pursues UK parking fines awarded against foreign vehicles. I'd always presumed such cases were just allowed to slide.

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