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5 September, 2004

Gmail open to all

Ten days ago, I posted that I had six Gmail invites to give away, and offered them to active bloggers, preferably those willing to link to the Ministry.  It seems that Gmail is indeed embarking on the 'big push' to market saturation: as I've given each invite away, it has been replaced immediately, so I still have six available!

I'll open the offer to everyone reading this, whether active bloggers or just readers: if you'd like a Gmail account, just drop me an email.

Of course, if you do have a blog, a link would still be a pleasant 'thank you' ;)

[Update 07/10/04: For a month, Google replaced each invite as I gave it away, so I had an ongoing pool of six to offer.  However, this replacement process stopped at the weekend, and all remaining invites have been allocated.  I'm sure there'll be more at some point, unless Google start taking direct applications rather than invitation-only sign-ups.]

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