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10 May, 2007


According to the local free paper, there's a vast lake of spring water sitting on volcanic rock 60 m underground in the next valley over from Lancaster.  Very H.G.Wells, or perhaps H.P. Lovecraft.

For anyone who knows the area around Quernmore, or more specifically the geology, the obvious question is 'where!?' – the Conder Valley is glacial till over Carboniferous sandstone. I'm certainly not aware of anything igneous (volcanic) this side of the Lake District, ~40 km away.

Whatever; I certainly admire the resourcefulness of a dairy farmer who can get 80p per litre for water rather than 18p per litre for milk.

I have a little less respect for his customers. If this entry's title is a bit cryptic, it's the reverse spelling of 'soft in t' 'ead', a fine Northern Lancashire phrase somewhat synonymous with 'naïve' which, spelled backwards, is....

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