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25 August, 2004

Pinging proceeds

Aha!  Ahahaha!

Since my webhost ****ed up a few months ago, MT hasn't been working properly.  Specifically, it doesn't send automatic pings to blog directories, and I can't sent trackback pings to other blogs.

I solved the former problem by bookmarking Pingomatic.  I tend to ping Blogrolling directly at its own website; I forget why, but it works, so I'm not stopping.
The lack of trackback pings has been more of a problem, and I started adding unwieldy '[Via (name)]' links to the foot of posts (feet?) recently.

However, I just noticed a link at Sal's blog, to Simpletracks, a stand-alone trackback service.  It's not tied to specific publishing software, so is particularly useful for those using blogging packages which don't include trackbacks as standard, not just those of us with crippled MT installations.
Wonderful!  Well, I haven't tried it yet, but the concept's good, anyway.

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