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24 August, 2004

Disturbing Bunnies

Send Cat Grey $35, and she'll send you a bunny, each soft toy uniquely designed for the customer, each uniquely wrapped.  Send $35 per month, and you'll get a bunny every month.

Aww.  Innit cute?

Well, no. Cat's bunnies are a bit... different. Open the package, which might be be packed in leaves, wrapped in an odd length of fabric, a placemat, joss paper or even just yards and yards and yards of string without paper, and you might find a bunny with three eyes. Or two heads. Or one head but two bodies. Or one head on one body, but the head is a real rabbit's skull. Or a head pierced by pins; remove the pins to find the head opens to reveal eyes (or teeth) sewn into the velvet lining. Or (my favourite), not a bunny, but a penguin in a bunny suit. Want!

Via Neil Gaiman, as is so much that's cool.

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