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23 August, 2004

Best time to visit

As the name implies, the Google Best Time to Visit script searches Google description tags for "best time to visit" plus whatever the user types in.  Theoretically, this should identify the optimum time to visit a tourist destination, but it's only as good as the websites Google indexes, and can be 'misused'.

For example, the best time to visit Stavanger, Norway, is apparently between May and October. I'd probably agree. However, that period is also the best time to visit Mars, so there might be a scheduling conflict.
The best time to visit H is May/June; her birthday is in there, which could be good or bad! The recommended time to visit me would be April/May. That's as good a time as any.

Apart from the comedy value, I suppose my criticism isn't entirely fair. Tourism websites are likely to genuinely state suitable times to visit destinations, so the results of a sensible enquiry should be meaningful.

[Via Neil]

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