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18 August, 2004

Just go!

Adrian Ramos, artist of the excellent Count Your Sheep daily web comic, tends to include a few comments with each strip.  I found myself disagreeing with the sentiments expressed in today's, but also identifying with the comments to a disturbing extent.

I have this thing for travelling. Basically, I've lost my taste for it, because I've never gone anywhere. Growing up, I was never able to take advantage of the travelling opportunities that I had, which weren't many to begin with, while I saw almost everyone I knew pack up and leave. With time, I learned not to dwell much on it. So, I simply say I lost whatever taste I may have had for it once, because honestly, you can only wish to someday eat lobster for so long, before you realize that you're standing in a field of corn.

I really, really must take a holiday.

Like Adis, I was unable to afford to travel in my teens or even throughout my twenties, and childhood holidays were always to the same 2-3 places. Those constraints are no longer an excuse, but I still haven't travelled anything like as widely as my friends. Last year, I took over a week less leave than my annual allocation allows; this year it seems I'll lose closer to a fortnight.

In writing this, it occurs to me that I've never been a tourist. Of the restricted number of places I've visited, it's always been to work or to visit people, so I've lived as/with a local. I've never, ever been into a travel agent to book a holiday; it's always been flight-only, with accommodation already arranged and daily expenses handled as they arose.

A new leaf may need to be turned.

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