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12 August, 2004

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Whenever I need a map of somewhere in the UK, or need to plan a route, I tend to visit Multimap, though their 'Directions' facility is poor and I've occasionally experienced problems zooming in or out of maps, so this isn't an unconditional recommendation!

One feature I'd never used is the ability to overlay the locations of schools, restaurants, etc. onto maps as clickable links to websites/directories and hence further information. Richard Rutter, one of the site's developers, has just added a new category to this functionality: weblogs.
Submit a blog's location (as a button or in a blog entry) and it will be added to the database within 24 hours. Richard only announced it today (see that announcement for further details), which might explain why I can't find any working examples yet, but this posting is both to inform people and to submit the location of The Ministry.

[Via Neil]

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