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11 August, 2004

Too easy?

When I bought my first computer in 1993, the purchase was a bit of a hassle.  As a research student, I'd occupied five different addresses in as many years; my credit rating was non-existent.  Hence, my mother provided bank details and I paid the installments into her account, which paid the company.

When I bought my second computer, I paid by debit card via the manufacturer's website; I didn't even need to speak to sales staff.  It was a strange anticlimax after the considerable time and nervous energy expended on researching specifications, prices, etc.

A few minutes ago, I ordered a digital camera.  Amazon already has my address and bank details, so a rather large, carefully-researched purchase came down to a single mouse click.

It was only afterwards that I felt a bit nervous ("What have I done? Was it the right choice?"), and oddly disappointed.  It ought to be more momentous, somehow.

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