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6 August, 2004

All change!

This is going to be meaningless to those unfamiliar with Lancaster University, but I know a couple of alumni read the blog and might be interested in imminent changes on-campus.
With the relocation of two Colleges to the South West building site, and other relocations dodging demolition work on the main campus, we're about to implement several new and changed names.  I've known them for a while, but it should be okay to mention them now, as they were officially revealed to staff and (technically) students today.
You may need to take notes; I know I'm struggling to understand some changes, and I played a (very minor) role in determining them!

South West Campus is now adopting a permanent name: 'Alexandra Park'.

The new access road from the A6 to Alex Park will be named 'Barkers Drive' (provisionally). The existing winding road from the traffic lights will be named 'Bigforth Drive' - an awful name, but relevant. Besides, I've never heard this road referred to as anything other than 'the drive', and I have a feeling the names won't catch on.

Cartmel College is moving to Alexandra Park, centred on Barkers House Farm.
The existing Cartmel buildings, plus new ones to be constructed in 2005/6, will join The County College as 'County South'. Academic departments in the College (e.g. Educational Research) will therefore have new postal addresses. The John Creed building will retain the name, but will become part of County College. Cartmel Avenue will become 'Creed Avenue'.
Obviously, County is to expand!

Lonsdale College will also be moving to Alex Park. It doesn't look as if their new buildings will be quite completed by October, so the move may be in stages, but the renaming will go ahead to reflect the final situation:

  • The existing Lonsdale College will become 'Bowland North'.
  • Graduate Hall will become 'Bowland Hall'.
  • The Art building will become 'Bowland Annexe'.
  • The wings of Bowland above the shops on Alex Square (formerly Bowland Annexe!) will become 'Bowland Tower East Wing' and 'Bowland Tower South Wing'.
  • Bowland Tower and Slaidburn House will retain their names but will become a part of Furness College (for now).
  • Lonsdale Avenue will join Bowland Avenue i.e. they'll become 'Bowland Avenue East' and '... South', respectively.
Again obviously, Bowland will be expanding (a lot!), though in the short term, the 'new acquisitions' will house Fylde College students whilst the existing Fylde blocks are demolished and rebuilt.

Here's a confusing part: Fylde admin/social facilities will remain where they are, but the students will be housed in Bowland North (Lonsdale, as was) for 2004/5. Meanwhile, Lonsdale admin/social facilities will remain in Bowland North for a few months, until buildings are ready in Alex Park. Many Lonsdale students will go straight to that ultimate location in Alex Park, but if some blocks aren't ready, some students will occupy... Fylde. Fylde in Lonsdale, Lonsdale in Fylde. Okay? There is a good reason for it, honest! I hope any parents of prospective students, perhaps reading this, don't get the impression their sons and daughters are to be messed around - this arrangement genuinely minimises disruption and decreases the risk of anyone occupying substandard rooms.

That's Bowland, Cartmel, Lonsdale, County and Fylde. Graduate College will expand into adjacent new blocks; Pendle will take one new block, too. Presumably Grizedale will be unchanged, and Furness... I don't know about Furness, but I think they're moving to Alex Park for 2004/5 whilst the existing accommodation is demolished (that's begun) and rebuilt, at which point they'll move back to the current location by 2005/6.

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