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4 August, 2004

Children behaving yes, outrageously

Read this article (it's in the Sunday Times, so the content isn't overly surprising), then read Green Fairy's response [Update 16/04/07: that link has expired, so I've redirected it to the 'new' home page].  As usual, I agree entirely.  Even reading the Sunday Times piece infuriated me; to have been on the train must have been awful, and the complacent misattribution of complainants' motivations has to be challenged.

To summarise: the article's author travelled from London to Cornwall in a crowded train, accompanied by:

offspring aged six, four and 18 months, our nanny, a car seat, a buggy, a violin, a computer and six bags. Seven, if you count the picnic.
The children were noisy. For five hours.
Two women complained about the author's total lack of consideration in allowing the noise to continue virtually unchecked, and, the point of the article, were branded as 'child haters'.

Yes, it's public transport. One can't expect silence, but it's common decency to avoid being unnecessarily noisy. Yes, young children can be noisy, but for a parent to not even attempt to moderate their shrieks is unreasonable. Yes, if there's a designated carriage in which children can behave 'normally', families with young children ought to occupy that rather than one where everyone else is trying to get to their destinations in as non-violent a mood as possible.

"Squealing with delight", indeed.

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