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2 August, 2004

Well connected

Writing about motorways has a very limited attraction, but this page was mildly interesting, if only to me.

It seems that the M53 motorway, running the length of the Wirral, was originally designed to link Liverpool with North Wales, terminating at Ewloe. This is the, well, 'populated road junction' some 2 miles (3 km) from Northop Hall, where I grew up. Various delays and revisions meant the M53 ended at Ellesmere Port by 1972, and somehow never continued along the planned route. There's still no true motorway connection to North Wales, though the A55 expressway serves much the same purpose.

It might have been different, though. If the M53 had continued to Ewloe, that would have intersected the A55, possibly inspiring the upgrade of that, the primary through-route linking Chester and Holyhead, to a motorway.

Even with a slight revision to its route in the 1980s, the A55 passes within a mile of my mother's house, and is very audible from the garden. I can only imagine how my childhood might have been affected by living so close to a full, 6-lane, Liverpool-Holyhead motorway, and how it might have influenced the development of the whole region.

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