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30 July, 2004

Cycling along...

On 20 February, I wrote that according to my bike computer, I'd cycled 1,970 miles (3,283 km) since 1 Feb. 2003.  This morning, I noticed that I've just passed 3,000 miles: 3,016 miles, or 5,027 km.

A few more mildly interesting but ultimately pointless observations:

  • 1,970 miles in 384 days, (Feb.-Feb.), averages 5.1 miles per day. A round trip to work is approximately 7 miles, so that allows for days off at weekends.

  • 3,016 miles in 545 days, (Feb. '03-July '04) averages 5.5 miles per day.

  • However, 1,046 miles in 161 days (Feb.-July '04) averages 6.5 miles per day, 45.5 miles (75.8 km) per week.
    And that's an average - some weeks I go straight to/from work and barely leave the house at weekends, so the weeks when I take extended routes to/from work and go for longer rides at the weekends must exceed 60 miles (100 km).
That's a lot for someone who regards himself as merely a cycle commuter.

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