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31 July, 2004

Monopoly broken up

Furness QuadUntil earlier this month, the pale area in the accompanying photo (click to enlarge it) of Furness College quad was occupied by a 'Monopoly' board, which was a landmark for several generations of students.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been maintained and was undeniably scruffy, so has been removed.
I have no idea whether the College was consulted; if this had been Bowland, I'm sure we would have mobilised the JCR to repaint it.

The College is about to undergo major modifications, with several accommodation blocks to be demolished and replaced (photos will follow), so if the board did have to go, this was an appropriate time to clean up the quad.  Presumably the pale paving slabs will have evenly weathered to match their older neighbours before the end of the project.


Sounds like it was an interesting thign to see. Got any photos of it before they tore it up?

Posted by Dave at July 31, 2004 05:37 PM

I'm the current JCR Exec Publicity Officer for Furness College - If any Furness alumni reading the blog wanted to know further details about why the Monopoly Board was wiped out, you can find them on the 'Exec Updates' section of the Furness College website under the heading 'Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200'. Hope that sheds a bit of light on things.

Posted by Jude at August 18, 2004 04:17 PM

Thanks for the further info, Jude. Student apathy, as expected! ;)

As I've already mentioned to you in a professional capacity ;) the College site is utterly inaccessible in Firefox, and presumably other standards-compliant browsers (and I'm damned if I'm going to link to an IE-only website!).

Posted by NRT at August 18, 2004 07:40 PM
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