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29 July, 2004

Psycle Path

I've just been challenged for cycling past someone a couple of weeks ago without acknowledging him.

Sorry Jim.  I'd never knowingly blank someone, but it's certainly true that when I'm on the bike, I'm genuinely unaware of other road users as individuals, they're simply obstacles.  I see a car but not the driver, or a bike but not the cyclist.  A face is only relevant in judging the focus of a road user's attention and whether he/she is a hazard; I don't see the person.  I doubt I could even comment on the colour of the car or bike as soon as it passes out of my field of view.

The psychological implications are... unflattering, but I'm just focused, honest!


"sorry mate, didn't see you AT ALL. really sorry, all i see is, like, the fact of the cars and the fact of the pedestrians and so on . who's IN them, or walking by, 'snot something i see"

pretty common syndrome actually
.... i've walked past my own mother in the street. while i was still 16 years old and living with her... she bailed me up about it that night and i was astonished.

Posted by Saltation at July 29, 2004 08:51 PM
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