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28 July, 2004

Are YOU prepared?

This week it was announced that the UK government will be spending 8 million on a Home Office awareness campaign featuring a leaflet entitled 'Preparing for Emergencies - What You Need to Know', to be sent to 22 million households, and an associated website.

The sanitised, partial information is apparently intended to tell members of the public what to do in the event of an emergency such as a terrorist attack (Don't Panic. Behave. Follow Orders. Trust the Government. The Government is your Friend. Vote for Us).
Even the government's own announcement acknowledges that the necessary measures are 'common sense' and 'instinct', so why the **** throw away millions of pounds?

Refreshingly, 'HM Department Of Vague Paranoia' has treated this with, well, rather less contempt than it really deserves, and has produced a parody website closely mirroring the appearence and subtext of the official one.

That's '' for the parody and '' for the original. Clear? The government didn't think so, and demanded the removal of the parody. It hasn't been removed, but the letter of objection, further reinforcing the humourless arrogance of Westminster, has been added.

It's almost as if the government intended the original utter waste of public money to be taken seriously. How bizarre.

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