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24 July, 2004

Cycle ride: University-Quernmore-Lancaster

An advantage of living alone is that there's nothing preventing me from taking a scenic route home from work, on the spur of the moment (so long as I'm home by 19:00 to ring Helen!).

As I left the office yesterday, I thought I was going straight home; it wasn't until 10-20m from the roundabout that I suddenly decided to turn left (south) rather than right, and extended the usual 3.5 mile (6 km) trip to at least seven.
I headed round the southern boundary of the University, under the motorway then back north to the Hazelrigg research station; in the time I'd usually take to reach Lancaster, I was in line with the starting point and under a few hundred metres from the office. Dropping down into the Conder Valley, I followed it past Quernmore 'village' (more a loose association of separate farms), then over the ridge back into Lancaster from the east.

Not a bad ride, worth mentioning because I had a camera with me.

NP: Ozric Tentacles, 'Swirly Termination'


Nice pics :)

Posted by Dave at July 26, 2004 02:34 AM
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