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22 July, 2004

Don't buy from Time!

Another computer-related topic, discovered via Neil.

It has emerged that Time (aka Tiny, aka The Computer Store) despatch new PCs with no boot discs and locked modems which will only connect to a single ISP, Supanet - part of the same company.  If a customer wants a boot disc, that's obtainable via the 1/min support line for an extra 50 (and which merely wipes the hard drive and resets the factory default settings).  If customers want to use a different ISP, that's an extra 60 to 'de-optimise' the modem - or follow this advice to do it for free.

Better still: never, ever buy from Time.

I still have flashbacks to the appalling service I received after I bought my first PC, from Time, in 1994. A highlight (but not the sole incident) of that... relationship was when the hard drive burned out, they sent a courier to my mother's address, 100 miles (167 km) from the PC, to collect it, took a matter of weeks longer than promised to repair it (and lied outright about progress each time I rang at premium rate), returned it to my mother's address, then 'corrected' the error by transferring it to Barrow, a town some 50 miles (80 km) by road from Lancaster, for no apparent reason.

I don't have a single favourable syllable for Time, and it seems they're no better a decade on. AVOID.

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