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21 July, 2004

Bass Communion InteractiveDJ Mix in circulation

At the start of March 2000, Steven Wilson combined several excepts from his ambient projects (primarily Bass Communion) into a single 60-minute mix for the (now defunct) InteractiveDJ website.  Material was drawn from 'Bass Communion', 'Bass Communion II', 'Bass Communion Vs. Muslimgauze', 'IEM' and the IEM EP 'An Escalator To Christmas', plus unreleased material which subsequently appeared on 'Bass Communion III' and 'SW Unreleased Electronic Music v.1'.  A couple of further pieces remain unreleased and hence unique to this mix.

With the loss of the InteractiveDJ website, the mix is regretably unavailable, so it is currently circulating amongst fans strictly on a non-commercial basis. If anyone's interested, try the PT-Weeds Group at Yahoo! (Yahoo! Groups require free registration).

A second reason to mention it here is that I completed the downloadable CD cover artwork this evening.

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