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20 July, 2004

Panic hunger

I suspect the phrase itself is unique to my father and I, but others must experience 'panic hunger' too.

Sometimes, particularly after a burst of activity, I become shaky and desperate to eat. Must. Eat. Now. Anything (though the craving tends to be for potato-based snacks I wouldn't ordinarily choose).
For example, this evening (~18:30) I cycled back from Sainsburys (about a mile, almost all uphill) a little too quickly for a hot, humid day, having not eaten since ~14:00. As soon as I closed the front door, the panic hunger hit.
I grabbed a bowl of cornflakes, followed by a jaffa cake before I swallowed the last mouthful, followed by a handful of peanuts; not exactly an elegant combination, but luckily it calmed the urge, as a cat in the yard was looking tasty.....

Alizon has (no doubt correctly) diagnosed it as a blood sugar crash, which makes perfect sense. I've occasionally experienced much the same effect a short while after drinking a ~440ml bottle of Lucozade (basically a strong sugar solution with caffeine), which must be somewhat analogous to the body's reaction to hyperglycaemia. I tend not to drink Lucozade, as that physical 'crisis' tends to be accompanied by an emotional crash.

Actually, as I write this I've just remembered that I had a can of Coke between returning from work and heading back out to Sainsburys. I must have used up that sugar 'hit', and suddenly had nothing left. Foolish.

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