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19 July, 2004

'The Pineapple Thief 4' coming soon

Bruce Soord of Pineapple Thief has just confirmed that the fourth album (seemingly still untitled, unless 'The Pineapple Thief 4' (TPT4) really is the title!) is very nearly ready for release.  To maximise exposure by avoiding the congested pre-christmas market, the official worldwide release is scheduled for January 2005.  However, a special edition will be sold on a pre-release basis in September.

Note: The official Pineapple Thief website is frames-based, so the following links will go to pages lacking a navigation menu. You might prefer to go in via the 'front door' instead.

An 8-min trailer can be downloaded via the 'Listen' page of the website, which also offers samples of the back catalogue.

During the production of 'Variations On A Dream', Bruce was told that the record company, Cyclops, would like to release a limited edition of the album featuring a second disc. They were thinking of unreleased, live, or remixed tracks, but Bruce went further: an entirely new album, '8 Days', was written, performed, recorded and mixed over er, 8 days. A single track was started and completed each day, with two tracks finished on Saturday and Sunday respectively. This limited edition release sold out rapidly, but the experiment is to be repeated for TPT4: during the second week of August 2004, Bruce will produce '8 Days Later'. This will be distributed exclusively with the special edition of TPT4, and is limited to 1000 copies.
The pre-release edition of TPT4 will feature a further three bonus tracks which won't be on the January 'official' version.

See the online shop for more details and to preorder TPT4 (i.e. pay now) or reserve a copy (i.e. pay when it's ready for despatch).

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