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12 July, 2004

What about us?

This is Graduation week at the University.  An expected total of 4464 students are expected to graduate, graduands of both the University itself and of associated institutions whose degrees are validated by the University. Over the full week, there will be 17 Degree Congregations in the Great Hall.  The Chancellor, HRH Princess Alexandra, will preside at the afternoon ceremonies Mon-Thursday for the final time, as Sir Chris Bonington takes over the role soon.
In addition to those receiving their first degrees (Bachelors-level degrees; higher degrees are awarded separately in December), Honorary Degrees are to be awarded to Dr Ahdaf Soueif, Sir Ian McKellen, Dr David Starkey and Professor Tim Berners-Lee (the last will be awarded in absentia as a HM beats a HRH - he's receiving a knighthood this week).

As always, we're broadcasting all ceremonies as live webcasts. We offer two formats, each in two resolutions (and hence bandwidths), and all four feeds are both embedded in standard pages for viewing in a web browser and are provided for use in standalone media players. Footage recorded by the University TV unit is being processed via brand new hardware and a remarkable codec provides a video stream so clear it's a little unflattering to some. Needless to say, last-minute refinements this morning were an inordinate hassle, but the results are a credit to the institution.

Which makes it all the more depressing that a mere pilot project by another University was a leading item on the BBC Wales News home page today. All credit to them for joining the bandwagon, but they're not exactly steering it.

Internal recriminations and e-mails to the BBC will ensue.

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