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9 July, 2004

Not a Googlewhack

Think of two words.  Search for them as a single phrase at Google.  If only one web page in the entire Google database contains both of those words, and hence the results page shows 'Results 1 - 1 of 1', congratulations, you've found a googlewhack.

There are a few rules, though: the words have to be found naturally rather than in a forced search for a phrase, so the search can't include "quotes", the search terms have to be real words appearing at, and the terms have to appear in a page containing genuine content, not merely a list of random words.

Well, I don't have one (not that I've looked), but it seems the Ministry contains something similar. According to my access log, at 22:28 this evening, a visitor found that of the 4,285,199,774 pages currently indexed by Google, only one contains the specific phrase:

"Bee with a green Head"
Thank you. I'm so proud.

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