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1 July, 2004

MSN recommends Firefox

When Microsoft itself advises users to switch away from Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla Firefox, it's to be hoped people will take the hint.

On the whole, the article is a good review of Firefox's key features, including its similarity to IE's look-and-feel, but there's one annoying statement to be rebutted: Microsoft didn't 'win the browser war' by providing a better product, it achieved a high market share by shipping IE with every copy of Windows, and relying on consumers finding it insufficiently offensive to bother loading something else. That's success through customer apathy, not superior engineering.


MSN recommends Firefox!

Are you sure it isn't 1st April rather than 1st July 8^O

Apparently IE isn't due an upgrade until M$ release Longhorn, which is apparently in 2006/2007 - what will its market share be by then? Every revision of Firebird/Firebox is yet another chisel to the grave stone of IE,.

Posted by WT at July 1, 2004 11:11 PM
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