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30 June, 2004

Parachutes advisible

Aftenposten reports that a base jumper was rescued from a cliff in Rogaland (my father's home county) on Monday.

Kjerag*, overlooking Lysefjorden, has a vertical drop of a full kilometre (3,300'), so is one of Norway's most popular base-jumping areas, but it seems this jumper hit the mountainside and was stranded 350m (~1,100') above the fjord until a rescue helicopter arrived.

The final paragraph of the article was worded well:

Base jumpers lately have been fined and ordered to cover the cost of rescues after taking part in the extreme sport. 'Base' is an acronym for "Building-Antenna-Span-Earth," from which participants jump, preferably after first becoming accomplished sky divers.

"Preferably"? So those who hurl themselves from high places without parachutes aren't really base jumpers, after all?

*: There's a photo of the cliff at Gard Karlsen's site.

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