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22 June, 2004

The other PT for PF fans

Following his introduction to Porcupine Tree in the April 'issue' of 'Spare Bricks',  the Pink Floyd webzine, Patrick Keller does the same for the other PT, Pineapple Thief.

As Patrick says:

Pineapple Thief has much in common with the other 'PT' besides just the initials. Both are British 'bands' initially consisting of one talented multi-instrumentalist. Both sprang from another somewhat successful group, which were quickly eclipsed in popularity. And both later added a complement of musicians for the sake of touring and recording as a real 'band'. And, in fact, I first discovered Pineapple Thief because more than one website linked the groups' styles favorably.
His article is a good introduction to Bruce Soord's band including a brief overview of their (his?) career to date, specifically presenting the band to existing fans of Pink Floyd. Read it, but I can't resist one other quote:
Being a fan of Pineapple Thief is like knowing a really amazing secret that you just can't believe more people aren't in on. Any of a number of the songs would comfortably fit on just about any 'alternative rock' radio station, and all the albums are eminently listenable, with rarely a clunker in the bunch. But along with the frustration inherent in being a fan [several releases are difficult to find - NRT] comes the pride of knowing you're in on the beginnings of a group with the potential to be truly great.

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