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29 January, 2005

Shallow's out

Shallow coverSlightly contradicting an earlier statement that it would only be a radio promo in the USA, unavailable for retail there, Porcupine Tree's single, 'Shallow' is now available to download from US online retailers Sony Connect*, BuyMusic and Napster.  It'll also be on iTunes shortly.

Note that this is the radio edit, with a running time of 3:34.  When 'Shallow' was leaked' by a US radio station a couple of weeks ago, it was heavily criticised by existing fans, but some suggested that the full, album version would be better than that radio edit.  However, it had a running time of 4:15 - I presume that was the album track.

*: the Sony Connect website is IE only. Firefox's User Agent Switcher fools it perfectly, but at least so far as I'm concerned, that unnecessary barrier disqualifies Sony, and I'd buy elsewhere.

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