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15 June, 2004

Saturnalia at the Girls' Grammar

Ahem.  Not literally.

Professional astronomers, science teachers and artists are collaborating in the SpacedOut project to build the world's largest scale model of the Solar System.  Eighteen sites across the UK will host metre-high sculptural representations of the Sun, planets, asteroids, centaurs, TNOs and Halley's Comet.  Centred on the Jodrell Bank radio telescope observatory in Cheshire (the Sun), the scale is such that Saturn just happens to be here in Lancaster, at the Girls’ Grammar School.

It's a great idea to popularise astronomy and give people a comprehensible idea of the true distances involved, though I have to question the definition of 'scale model' - the distances are to be represented (at 1:15 million), but not the sizes of the entities. At 1:15 million, the Sun would be something like 100m across, according to The Register.

Three months after the official launch of the project, the website is some way from completion, which isn't exactly encouraging, but it's one to bookmark and check occasionally. Everything should be in place by Science Week 2005 (11-20 March).

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