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11 June, 2004

Another Marillion single

In another assault on the UK charts (heh), Marillion will be releasing a second single from 'Marbles' on 12 July, or rather there'll be two, which will both contain the single edit of 'Don't Hurt Yourself'.
One of them will also include a video and two 'Marbles' tracks performed live, but it's the other that's intriguing, as it will feature 'Angelina (Steven Wilson Mix)'.

It's already fairly well-known that SW was responsible for the vocal mix of 'Angelina' for the album, but this certainly implies he did a mix of the entire song, too.

One to investigate further....

[Update 23/6/04:  At his own website, SW explains that his mix takes a different approach to Dave Meegan's (on the album), in particular emphasising the rhythm track much more.]

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